The Private Gallery of Rikard Malmborg

I have not owned or driven many different cars. In my youth in the 80's I drove a VW Beetle ´65, a Volvo 343, the infamous "rem-johan" (swedes will know this) and an MG Metro. Occasionally a Volvo 240 and a Volvo 760 (the families cars). After that, Ford Sierra, twice, and Ford Mondeo, up until 2009.
Then...this you see here.

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  • Jaguar 105 photos in 5 sub-albums Jaguar
  • Both cars washed at BlueBubbles 581 visits 20170716_103036.jpg
  • 20170513_100326.jpg 553 visits 20170513_100326.jpg
  • Lady Bea and Rush on historic ground, at this location Joe's Garage was born, one of the most important Jaguar workshops in Scandinavia, later relocated. 4901 visits 20151212 103058